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Have you ever wondered why a luxury dress shirt can cost RM 600+? Here, let us explain for you.
If you were given a RM 79.90 and a RM 849.00 dress shirts, you probably couldn't tell the difference because both look the same. So what makes a dress shirt "luxury"? It's the details, the craftsmanship and the materials used. Fortunately, you can easily spot a high-end dress shirt with these visible details:
Extra-long staple (ELS) cotton fabric
Split yoke
Genuine mother-of-pearl buttons
Side gussets
Of course, there’s so much more about the way to construct a high-end dress shirt. But in general, these details take longer time to make and the materials used are significantly more expensive. For instance, some genuine mother-of-pearl button can cost up to RM 2.04 each and 1000 plastic buttons cost only RM 5 (you do the math). So is it really that expensive to make one high-end dress shirt? Our answer is No and Yes.
Our dress shirt and it's true cost breakdown
It took us about almost a year to perfect everything, in fact, we spent 4 months alone just to get the right crispness for our collar and cuffs. All in all, we believe everyone deserve a real well-made white shirt and the right to know everything including the cost of your shirt:
100s ELS Cotton
RM 32.56
Other Materials
RM 32.56
RM 32.56
Shipping & Duties
RM 2.04
RM 32.56
Product Cost
RM 65.13
Regular: RM 139
Pre-Sale: RM 99
Mark Up 1.1x
Gross Profit: RM 25
Inventory Cost
Product Cost
Corrington Co
RM 430 - RM 960
Mark Up 5-8x
Gross Profit: RM 300-RM 830
Retail Cost
Inventory Cost
Product Cost
Traditional Retailers

Usually, dress shirts with the same calibre like ours in terms of materials used and craftsmanship involved are traditionally priced between RM 430 to RM 960 with 5-8x markup. If our dress shirts are priced like the traditional way, the cost is relatively cheap, but our 1.1x markup is simply the opposite. So how did we achieve this competitive price?
We remove the middleman and deliver our product from the factory directly to you. Our operation is 100% on eCommerce and we need not incur any retail cost.
Our unique Pre-Sale crowdfunding model help us greatly reduce the initial production cost at a significant margin and the saved cost is translated into customers saving.
Our belief in a good product is not necessarily to be expensive because we are just like you, an individual in the society that seeks quality product without breaking the bank.
We've labored over every detail for the past 1 year and we're giddy about starting production, but we can't do anything without your help. Help us fund this project by pre-ordering it so we can bring this luxury dress shirt to life at the unbeatable price of RM 99. If this project is successfully funded, more styles and colors will be available in the future.
18 Jul 20
Corrington Co was founded
11 Sep 20
Partnered with Luthai
25 Nov 20
Sourced Xinjiang Fenghai® ELS cotton
7 Dec 20
Created our shirt design
11 Dec 20
1st dress shirt sample created
29 Dec 20
Changed interlining fabric (1st time)
8 Jan 21
Sourced MOP buttons
15 Jan 21
Changed interlining fabric (2nd time)
10 Feb 21
2nd dress shirt sample created
Finest Materials &
Peerless Craftsmanship
Our dress shirt is woven with the world's top 3% luxurious cotton for an unrivalled soft, smooth feel: two-ply 100s Xinjiang ELS cotton. We've also treated our shirt with a patented non-iron treatment to achieved rating 3.5 non-iron effect using AATCC 124 standard. Our dress shirt also features details like whipped mother-of-pearl buttons, bias cut split yoke, single needle side seams and side gussets.
The perfect body fit
for Asian physique
We've partnered up with world class manufacturer that has 25 years of retail experiences in high-end dress shirt with a focus on Asian market - just to design a perfect fitting shirt for you. Through their vast database, we're able to design the intuitive fit for Asian body - enhancing key points like the chest, waist and sleeve. Currently, we offer 2 fits - Slim Fit & Extra Slim Fit.
No crazy markup,
only 1.1x
As our mission: Redefine Affordable Luxury Essentials - we wanted to bring you a well-made dress shirt at a price where everyone could afford. Now our Men White Non-Iron Twill Semi-Spread Dress Shirt is available at RM 99 (Pre-Sale) and it is 1/4 to 1/9 of the market price - dress shirts with the same quality like ours are usually priced between RM 430 to RM 960.
Pre-Sale 365-Day
Money Back Guarantee
We are so confident in our dress shirt, we offer 365 days money back guarantee if it doesn't fit you. Just return to us within 365 days and get a replacement or receive a full refund. More than anything, we want you to love our shirt as much as we did because we believe quality speaks for itself.
Luxury is in each details. It's neither flashy marketing nor crazy markup.
Don't listen to us, listen to them
Before we launch, we sent out some of our dress shirts to gathered public opinion. These are their honest thoughts and reviews.
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Dress shirt is just our first step to disrupt the industry. T-shirt will be next. A t-shirt made by Merino Wool - natural wrinkle resistant, odor resistant, temperature regulation and eczema friendly. All these goodness are only the fraction of the traditional retail price.
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