We design new products. You crowdfund them and save up to 11%. We deliver them when they’re ready. Everybody wins! Question?

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What is Pre-Sale?

Pre-Sale is our crowdfunding platform for new products.

How does it works?

We design a new products and release them in our Pre-Sale for crowdfunding. Customers then have 4 weeks to pre-order the products. Products that reach their funding goal are manufactured and delivered!

Why should I participate Pre-Sale campaign?

By participating in the Pre-Sale campaign, you get to help bring Corrington Co designs to life. You also get to lock in Pre-Sale discounts that average up to 11%!

All of our products are crafted with the finest and limited materials, hence we will keep our ready-stock inventory as low as possible due to the high production cost. So participating Pre-Sale campaign could secure your size as there is a high chance that products will sell out after Pre-Sale campaign ended.

Why Pre-Sale is important to Corrington Co?

We are missioned to disrupt the industry by making genuine superior-quality products for everyone at a fraction of the traditional retail price. But the high MOQ and production cost set by the world's top factories have halted our journey ahead.

Through pre-ordering a product via Pre-Sale, customers are able to directly support us funding the production and bringing what society once considered as luxury products for everyone.

It not only helps us bring our product to life, but it also provides us with the insights and support we need to succeed as a small business.

How long is the funding period?

Every Pre-Sale campaign last 4 weeks. After the funding period ends, the price will return to its original price.

What happens if a product doesn't reach its funding goal?

We are always working hard to present the best product, but ultimately the power is in your hands. If a product is not 100% funded, we’ll reach out to let you know if we decide to pursue the product anyway or to refund you and put our efforts into something even better.

When am I actually billed for my Pre-Sale order?

When you order a Pre-Sale item, your card is charged upon checkout. These pre-orders help us fund that particular product's production. We take your support very seriously, and communicate production and order status along the way to delivery.

When do you start delivering Pre-Sale product?

Pre-Sale orders will deliver during the estimated delivery period noted on the product page "Pre-Order Now" button below. If you pre-order an item from the Pre-Sale campaign, your order confirmation email will include the estimated develiry date for that item.

If my order contains both ready-stock and Pre-Sale items, how do you deliver the order?

If your order contains both ready-stock and Pre-Sale items, we will split your shipments into two. Ready-stock item will be delivered first then followed by Pre-Sale item at later estimated delivery date.

Your shipping confirmation email will state the item(s) shipped, and the item(s) you’re still waiting to receive, if applicable.