Our Story
Joshua Chiang portrait | Corrington Co
“A premium, high-quality dress shirt is too expensive”
Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple:
“A premium, high-quality dress shirt is too expensive”.

Joshua Chiang, founder of Corrington Co was a cheapskate. Not the one that look for bottom-price deal, but the one that seeks quality and value.

In 2020, Joshua was searching dress shirt for an occasion. But, he discovered that it is impossible to find a well-made, Jermyn Street calibre dress shirts without the premium price tag (RM 700+) in Malaysia. And, he could not find a dress shirt that fits him perfectly. From there he saw an opportunity in the market because he knew he could build a brand that set them apart from traditional labels.

Corrington Co was founded to create an alternative. A brand that was different, better, and had an edge. A brand for the modern consumer. By circumventing traditional channels and engaging with customers directly through e-commerce, we're able to offer the finest everyday essentials at a fraction of the traditional retail price.
Our 27 months of
shirtmaking journey
We had a rather humble beginning. We are not from shirtmaking background, we did not have any industry connections nor investors. And our startup capital cannot even afford the MOQ of one product. But our obsessive passion in creating genuine quality product has kept pushing us until today.
For the past 27 months, we have been searching & testing different kinds of materials, manufacturing processes and treatments. We even joined a competition, showcased our product, pitched our ideas, and won. In Oct 2022, we launched our first product. Now we are fully commited to build a leading lifestyle brand and we stand behind our products.
18 July 2020
Corrington Co was founded
11 Sept 2020
Partnered with Luthai Textile -
the same fabric supplier for Burberry,
Hugo Boss and Brooks Brothers
25 Nov 2020
Sourced Xinjiang Fenghai TM
extra-long staple cotton
Learn more about our cotton choice
Our Story | Corrington Co
7 Dec 2020
Created our very first dress shirt design
11 Dec 2020
Corrington Co's first
dress shirt sample created
10 Feb 2021
Alteration on shirt design to perfect our
Asian Tailored Slim Fit
9 July 2021
Refined and finalised our raw material
sources, sewing procedures and
treatment process for mass production
Our Story | Corrington Co
19 Aug 2021
Produced a small batch for quality control
Our Story | Corrington Co
20 Nov 2021
Won 2nd runner up in YEC 2021 -
a pitching competition hosted by
Penang government
19 May 2022
Mass production completed
Our Story | Corrington Co
20 Oct 2022
Our Story | Corrington Co
Our Quality
Exquisite Materials,
Detailed Craftsmanship
At Corrington Co, all of our garments are made with the finest materials from all over the world. Then they are put together by the same hand that craft for designer labels. The result is a product with perfect balance between contemporary aethetic and belonged quality that lasts for years
Our Story | Corrington Co
Our Way
Ethical Sourcing
Our passion in using rare, premium materials comes with great responsibility. For that reason, we spend months finding and reviewing our raw materials suppliers and manufacturing partners' history, operation and code of conduct just to ensure our whole supply chain is sourced ethically. By introducing you to these materials, We hope this could inspire you to make more thoughtful purchases with longevity and social impact in mind.
Our Story | Corrington Co
Our Pricing
Affordable Luxury
for everyone
We are driven to redefine the pricing of the traditional high-priced luxury dress shirt. That’s why we take a direct-to-consumer approach, working directly with world-class factories and cutting out traditional retail markup, to pass on the savings to you. We believe in product quality, not marketing gimmick.