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Dress shirt is something that you wear it for a purpose. The loyal uniform for your work, your dreams, and your loved one.

For the past 2 years, we’ve labored over every detail just to craft an exceptional quality dress shirt for you. Here are the 8 features of a Corrington Co’s dress shirt.
Ethically sourced
world’s rarest 3% cotton
The choice of cotton for Corrington Co is Fenghai™ extra-long staple (ELS) cotton from Xinjiang, with an astounding average staple length of 39mm long, whereas the industry standard for ELS fibre length is 34.925 mm. Our White Shirts fabric woven with Fenghai™ ELS cotton fray-less, pill-less, wrinkle-less than fabrics made with other short staple counterparts. This luxury cotton is both soft yet robust, that not only keeps its quality but which only softens with every wear.

Fenghai™ ELS cotton is specially cultivated and harvested by Luthai Textile, a member of Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) which promotes better standards in cotton farming. Corrington Co does not condone any act of forced labour and child labour. Click here to learn more about BCI.
Collar & Cuffs
Sharp, crisp, clean,
collar and cuffs
Corrington Co is specific with the construction of collar and cuffs as both of these are the main parts that distinguish a dress shirt from other garments. At Corrington Co, the collar and cuffs are made with double-layered fused interlining instead of one, resulting a strong, clean structure even after years of hard wearing. You will definitely feel it when you hold one. As a measure to keep our collar point sharp, we ask our cutters to trim off the remaining thread that forms "lump" at inside the tip of collar. The finished result looks easy, yet it’s so difficult and time consuming.
Signature arrow gusset
The signature of Corrington Co is a mark of strength. It’s the arrow shaped gusset that, in the traditions of shirtmaking, reinforces the side seam. This extra piece of fabric acts like an anchor - when you make any sudden movement with the side of your shirt, our gusset helps hold everything in place, preventing the shirt from ripping at the seam. Corrington Co believes it’s worth taking this extra step to create a side gusset that is assured and shows to the world this is a shirt with the craftsmanship of Corrington Co.
Traditional English
split yoke
Unlike majority shirtmakers that use single piece yoke, Corrington Co makes the extra effort to split the yoke, the panel of fabric that sits across the back of the shoulders. We cut the yoke’s cotton in two, improving the stretchability of the yoke to accomodate greater shoulder movement. The beauty of the split yoke most visible when on a striped or patterned shirt, where the pattern on the yoke matches to the sleeves. But for Corrington Co, it’s standard even for our solid coloured shirts.
Pucker-free, single-needle side seam stitching
Most shirts would have puckers formed along the seam after years of washing, but that’s not the case for Corrington Co. We use single-needle stitching instead of conventional double-needle stitching to greatly reduce puckering, resulting a neat and elegant seam. This complex stitch takes a commitment of time and can be easily identified as it leaves only one line of thread visible on the outside of the shirt. Single-needle stitching is another invisible act from Corrington Co that obsessed with details.
The gold standard,
Mother-of-Pearl buttons
Corrington Co believes that buttons matter. So we have chosen to use genuine mother-of-pearl (MOP) buttons for their clarity and beauty - which carved from freshwater mussels and polished to remove any black spots that may be on their underside. When light shine at the crystalline layer of the buttons at different angles, they give off shimmering lustre and create the luxurious accent for the shirt. Try touching the buttons, genuine MOP buttons will feel colder compared to plastic or resin buttons.
Button Fastening
heat-sealed button shank
Simply stitching the buttons is not enough for Corrington Co, and what we expect from the endurance of our shirts. Instead, we use a double procedure to fasten every button on our shirts. First, buttons are lock-stitched to the shirt. Then, in a separate procedure, these remaining threads are wrapped tightly under the buttons and heat-sealed firmly in place. This heat-sealing holds the button secure and creates a gap between the buttons and fabric, allowing you to button up your shirt more easily.
Worry free non-iron treatment
A poor non-iron treatment would discount the breathability of shirt’s cotton and you wear it next to your skin all day long, so how that fabric feels and performs are significant to the shirt design. At Corrington Co, we collaborate with top of the line manufacturing partner that delivers industry leading non-iron treatment process. The result is breathable fabrics with a soft handle which feel luxurious against the skin, and resist wrinkles up to grade 3.5 (AATCC 124 standard) through out the day.
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