Pre-Sale, Crowdfunding Model - our secret card
11 March, 2023  ·  3 min read
Joshua Chiang, founder of Corrington Co pitching our Pre-Sale crowdfunding model for YEC 2021
Last October, we introduced our Signature White Shirt to the market. It wasn't an instant success as our brand was new and our shirts weren't cheap. Gradually, more and more people began to tried out our shirts and instantly recognized the quality we offered. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and we were humbled by the kind words and reviews.

Today, we're thrilled to announce the release of our second colourway - Light Blue Non-Iron Twill Shirt. But we can't do it alone. We need your help to bring this exciting new product to life and share it with everyone.
The cost of a genuine high-quality shirt isn't cheap
Here, we would like to share some industry secrets with you, so you can better understand the nuances of our business.

The truth is, the average cost of a shirt that priced at RM 300 and below ranges between RM 25 to RM 60, while our shirt cost us RM 79.73 to produce. That's 1.3 to 3 times more expensive, and that doesn't even include other costs such as international shipping, custom duties, and packaging.

The reason for the high cost is due to the fact that only a select number of top-of-the-line factories around the world have the capability to mass produce high-end dress shirts. Unfortunately, these factories all have one thing in common - an immensely high minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement. In order to work with the very same hands that produce world-renowned designer labels, we have had to agree to the high MOQ set by our manufacturing partner.

This deadly combination of sky-high production cost and steep MOQ is what's preventing us from releasing new products. However, we have come up with an innovative solution to overcome this obstacle: Pre-Sale.
Pre-Sale crowdfunding model
Pre-Sale is our crowdfunding model that allows customers to help us fund the production of new products by pre-ordering them at a discounted price.

When we design new products, we will release them at our Pre-Sale campaign for crowdfunding, and customers could pre-order the products within the funding period. Products that reach their funding goal are manufactured and delivered! Everybody wins!

As a small startup, Pre-Sale is a game-changer for us, as it allows us to leverage our resources more efficiently and avoid getting locked into the immensely high production cost. With Pre-Sale, we could mitigate financial risk, reducing buffer margins & inventory cost, and bring superior-quality products to market at an affordable price.
RM 700 luxury dress shirt for RM 169
In order to offer a traditionally priced RM 700 dress shirt for just RM 169, we have to remove the "traditional" factors.

First - Cut out all the middlemen and deliver products directly from factory to your doorstep with zero promoter commission and department cost.

Second - Eliminate traditional retail stores and operate solely online.

Third - Less marketing and more good products. Unlike other companies that spend millions on flashy marketing campaigns and media buying, we believe that quality of our product speaks for itself and word-of-mouth from satisfied customers is our most powerful marketing tool.

Fourth - No crazy markup. Other brands that offer comparable quality to ours often mark up their prices by 5-9 times the cost of production. Ours? It's just 1.1 times.

By doing things differently, we are able to pass on the savings directly to you and offer a truly exceptional product at a fraction of the traditional retail price.
Join us, join the revolution
So why settle for less when you can have the best? Join our Pre-Sale campaign and experience the difference that a commitment to quality and value can make.